Fortnite: Epic Games Disabled Zoey Skin Due To An Invisibility Bug

Yesterday, Epic Games, the developer of Fortnite, announced that is disabled Zoey skin due to an invisibility bug. According to the company, those gamers wearing Zoey skin would have been invisible to other players, causing unfair gameplay.

Epic Games announced on the company’s official Twitter and Reddit pages that they disabled the Zoey skin until a fix would be available via a patch. However, Epic Games did not disclose when the update with the bug fix would come out.

“Players have found an issue with the Zoey outfit, and we have temporarily disabled it while we work on a fix,” said Epic Games’ representatives on both Twitter and Reddit. However, the company did not reveal many details on what caused the issue.

According to some gamers, the Zoey skin was making players wearing it to become invisible for others. All the others could have seen was a floating weapon. Thus, it would have been quite challenging to hit opponents wearing Zoey skin.

Epic Games Disabled Zoey Skin in Fortnite Due To An Invisibility Bug

As mentioned above, the Zoey skin in Fortnite came with an invisibility bug, making those gamers wearing the skin become invisible to other players in the game. Epic Games disabled Zoey skin and now works on a fix on this issue.

A Reddit user even released a video showing how the buggy Zoey skin affects the gameplay of Fortnite.

However, that’s not the first time when a Fortnite bug is causing players to become invisible, altering the gameplay and causing troubles for the other gamers on the map.

On one particular occasion, Epic Games had to disable the Shadow Stones in-game items that were supposed to make players invisible for a short period. Unfortunately, a bug in Shadow Stones made gamers invisible until the end of the game.

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