Electronic Arts, Via Ken Moss, Revealed More Details On Its Project Atlas Cloud-Gaming Service

Electronics Arts disclosed more details on its Project Atlas, EA’s future cloud-gaming service which would be enough to play every game on any device, regardless of its configuration. At E3 2018, Electronic Arts announced that it was working on a cloud-gaming service with the objective of offering gamers a smooth gaming experience, regardless of the platform they play on, whether it is a low-profile computer or even a smartphone. All that for a monthly or annual subscription, of course.

More than four months later after the E3 2018, Ken Moss, the CTO fo EA, posted on the company’s Medium blog to give more details about the EA’s upcoming cloud-gaming service, known as Project Atlas. Accordingly, Project Atlas is a significant project involving more than 1000 full-time employees of the company, as well as a dozen studios around the world.

The Project Atlas’ mission would be to combine a game engine, Frostbite Engine, for example, with services based on artificial intelligence on a platform dedicated to the cloud to allow developers to create a complete, social, and scalable gaming experience.

Ken Moss revealed more details on the Electronic Arts’ Project Atlas, the company’s cloud-gaming service

Electronic Arts claims to have developed a platform that allows it to use the cloud to remotely process and deliver modern games, as well as multiplayer games at the lowest latency, but also to enjoy cross-platform playing with gamers on other platforms.

Artificial intelligence would allow pushing the interactions between the elements of the game and the gamer, to make, for example, Non-Player Characters more natural, far from the scripted reactions that we find in current games.

Ken Moss explained that all that would be made possible by the many recent technological advances, and he cited Ultra HD HDR, 3D graphics enhancements, deep neural algorithms on the server side, but also WiFi, 4G, and the upcoming 5G connectivity, confirming that the Electronic Arts’ Project Atlas would be available on smartphones, as well.

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