Fortnite Cube Allows Gamers To Fly Around The Map Without Taking Damage

Players discover a way to take advantage of the properties of the Fortnite Cube structure to fly in the air. The Fortnite map continues to undergo constant change, and while the Halloween event continues with Fortnitemares, users have struggled to figure out the best way to take advantage of the unique properties of the purple cube that is levitating in the middle of the map.

Thanks to that, they have discovered that it is possible to fly through the air without suffering any type of damage, also taking advantage of that additional impulse to reach other areas of the game scenario.

Reddit user ImSpeedyGonzalez, also known as “Kevin,” has studied all the airflow pressure differences and antigravity generated by the purple Fortnite Cube. Thanks to that, and with a continuous process of trial and error, he has discovered a method with which the character gets high in the air and can fly around the map. Proud to have polished that technique, he named it “Kevin Launch.”

Fortnite Cube permits gamers to fly around the map

In the video you can watch below, you can see how Kevin done that, but, in short, all you have to do is to dive under the Fortnite Cube and take advantage of the momentum. If you do that, you gain a lot more height than usual, and you can leave your current location by gliding without receiving any damage whatsoever.

Although you won’t get too far,¬†you would reach other parts of the map much faster than on foot, and what’s even better, without a single scratch. Below, you can watch the video made by ImSpeedyGonzales in which he is explaining everything you need to know about how to use the so-called Fortnite Cube. It’s a method worth trying the next time you play Fortnite, but it’s not easy to do it, we warned you.

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