The Elder Scrolls: Legends 2.3.0 Introduces the FrostSpark Collection

By downloading The Elder Scrolls Legends 2.3.0 you will get your hands on an award-winning game which involves strategy, playing cards and a lack of fees. This game consists of online card games which are based on the hit RPG series, The Elder Scrolls. So, prepare your deck for battle!


You will travel through the stories of The Elder Scrolls as you conquer your foes and have fun while doing it. That’s because this game is incredibly easy to pick up and its adventure level will also make it hard to put down. Start collecting cards and build up your deck. Then, start your journey through Morrowind, venture to Clockwork City and battle dragons in Skyrim.


The adventure proposed by The Elder Scrolls continues to grow. These strategy and card battle games based on turns will take you along on an epic CCG journey.

Single player content

Enjoy tactical games and strategy in turns with various single player modes. Learn the basics of campaigning Legends with multiple hours of playing the game on your own. You will also get rewarded. Multiple Elder Scrolls campaigns are waiting for you, from the fabled Clockwork City to the tales of the Dark Brotherhood and more.

The Solo Arena is meant to be used by you in order to test your skills in building card decks and the one-off Puzzle challenges will really try to wrack your brain.

Card Battle Games

This is really a strategy card game that doesn’t resemble others. Legends will provide you a divided battlefield with ‘lanes’, allowing for choice and flexibility. This will turn the simple act of card placement into a real tactical way of strategizing. Runes and Prophecies will be used during dueling games as they can really turn the tides in your favor.

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