ARK: Survival Evolved 1.1.02 Comes With Crash Fixes and a Halloween Event

ARK Survival Evolved will allow you to dive deep into the ultimate mobile dinosaur adventure game. You will enter a massive world that combines over 80 unique dinosaurs and primal creatures which you will have to capture and tame which will really make for a unique survival experience.

Play with your friends

This game allows you to meet up with other players and friends in a world inspired by the Jurassic era. You will form tribes and start working together in order to build colonies of survivors.


This gaming app is inspired by the genre-defining adventure release for consoles and PCs and it will challenge you to survive and thrive on an island filled with mystery, where you will start out just on your own and without any weapons. This means that you would have to craft tools and gather resources to build shelters and hunt.

You will expand your domain as you start capturing and taming dinosaurs to perform your bidding. Form tribes after you make friends online and start building structures of might which will defend you against other men and mega-predators as well.


As we previously said, you will encounter over 80 dinosaurs and you would have to use cunning brain power which involves tactics and strategy in order to tame, train, ride and breed the range of dinosaurs and other creatures that can be found roaming the persistent and dynamic ecosystems across the sea, land, air and even underground.

You will enter a massive prehistoric landscape that will seem alive and breathing and in it you will have to find out how to thrive, survive and escape on the Ark. You can either try surviving alone or join groups to increase your chances.

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