Diablo III for Nintendo Switch Would Come Out With Three Amiibos, A Data Miner Revealed

You could say that data miners have ruined many game surprises and many official announcements. However, many people like to know in advance and don’t mind spoilers, so we go with the latest data regarding Diablo III for Nintendo Switch.

User JustMaku on Reddit claims that, based on the information he saw in the game code, Diablo III for the Nintendo Switch console would have the ability to use up to 3 amiibos. If you’re a bit lost, an amiibo is a figure (or toy if you like) produced by Nintendo that represents different characters from the big N games.

If you put the amiibos on the console, something will happen in the game. Sometimes they represent new challenges and offer other gifts.

After the popularity of these figures, another company, Yacht Club Games, made an amiibo of the beloved Shovel Knight. Then it would be FromSoftware with Solaire of Astora from Dark Souls and, if JustMaku’s information is confirmed, Blizzard would be the third non-Nintendo-related company to produce and releaseĀ amiibos.

Diablo III for Nintendo Switch Would Come Out With Three Amiibos

According to the game codes, Diablo III for Nintendo Switch would allow the use of 3 amiibos, one generic, one from the Treasure Goblin, an emblematic figure of Diablo, and another amiibo of a Demon.

The amiibos also have to rest for some time, as the first two can only be used once every 22 hours while the Demon once every 45 minutes.

The location where the amiibos’ portals areĀ is information that will be handled by the Diablo servers, so it is not possible to deduce it with data mining. It may change from time to time, which would be quite challenging.

We need to remind you that, if you are interested in the Diablo III for Nintendo Switch, you will not need to subscribe to the Nintendo Switch Online to play it.

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