Clash of Clans Best Attacking Tips For a Beginner

Those who aren’t yet familiar with Clash of Clans, listen up! This consists of a game where you have to build up forts by using elixir and gold resources. You can make new buildings by dragging and dropping them however you like and the resources are collected and stored periodically throughout the day as they check in.

Over time, you will build various troop types, perform missions and raid/defend towns. We realize that it must be a lot to take in and that’s why we compiled this list of tips and tricks for beginners.

  1. Be patient and save your games

The first thing that makes players worry in this casual free-to-play game is its premium currency system. Everything is controlled by timers, and as you progress the timer increases. You mustn’t cave into the pressure and spend precious gems on speeding up processes. Save them for something important.

  1. The offense is key defense and the other way around

You will most likely be on the fence between fighting and defending and your upgrade and building order will vary as a result. When you decide, be careful about which updates are to be used and which buildings must be made or improved.

  1. Shield

We know, getting attacked sucks big time. However, even in the darkest times you can see the glimmer of hope. If your home base is destroyed by 30%, then you will receive a shield lasting 12 hours. If 90% of your home is gone, then you will get some extra four hours.

  1. Pick accordingly

When you want to fight someone, then you must really think in through. The first thing you should do is take a look at their town hall level. If it is much smaller than yours, then your spoils will not be too satisfactory. Keep this in mind before you take a decision.

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