Stickman Soccer 2018 2.2.3 Comes With Various Fixes And Improvements

Stickman Soccer 2018 represents the follow-up, the better than ever and brand new sequel to Stickman Soccer, the award winning game that had more than 75 million players. By installing this app on your mobile, you will be able to experience pure soccer fun with free control over a fast paced arcade gameplay, stunning smooth animations, an astonishing atmosphere, insane actions, simple controls, and tons of replay value.


This game was redesigned from the ground up and it enables you to choose your favorite soccer teams and level up as you go through various seasons, cups, national leagues or the World Cup. You can also do online battles with other people coming from all around the globe.


Stickman Soccer 2018 brings a ton of new gameplay features like sprint button, yellow/red cards, overhead kicks, slow motion replays, an outstanding stadium, free kicks and last but not least, the ability to customize any team, every soccer player and upgrade your team with the transfer market in order to build your dream soccer stars.

Inside the transfer market you can get the top soccer players and use them to make your team better. Start competitions with your friends and all the other players through the integrated world ranking tournaments.

You can find over 150 soccer teams scattered in various leagues where more than 350 trophies wait for you to unlock them with the ultimate Master Trophy. Also, there are more than 50 in-game players that are world famous.

Game Modes

Among the Stickman Soccer 2018’s game modes you can find quick games, seasons, training, national leagues and cups. Also, you can take things online and battle against other players from every corner of the world. The World Cup mode is also accessible, if you want to experience international feuds.

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