iPhone SE 2 Hottest Rumors – 2019 Release Date

Two events took place in the last months and in both cases the iPhone SE 2 wasn’t even mentioned.

The original SE has been officially discontinued, making the iPhone 7 the most budget-friendly iPhone that people can buy. Despite Apple’s silence, a lot of rumors concerning the device are already floating on the internet. Read below for a selection of the hottest rumors available.

Will Apple launch a cheaper iPhone?

Rumors of a more affordable iPhone coming in 2018 were confirmed when Apple formally announced the iPhone XR in September. The device is larger than most users expected but it may be seen as a spiritual successor of the SE.

Size matters

Many people loved the SE because it was small yet powerful. The XR is huge in comparison and even the X is significantly larger. It seems that Apple has joined the trend of large handsets but this doesn’t rule out the launch of a smaller iPhone in the future.

Possible release date

Since the iPhone SE was announced in March 2016 some users believe that the SE 2 could be announced next spring, but the exact date remains unknown.

Brand new price tag

It is expected that the price will be bumped in the case of a future release. The SE is currently priced at $399 for the 32GB version and $449 for the significantly larger 128GB model. If Apple opts to use the same Liquid Retina display for the SE 2 the price should remain affordable.

Region exclusive?

Apple may choose to exclusively target emergent markets and only release the device in select countries around the world. Some sources claim that the Cupertino giant is currently developing a low-cost model but in the absence of concrete proof the information is not reliable.

Looks and specs

The device will almost certainly follow the trend established by the iPhone X. An edge-to-edge screen is already expected and premium features like Face ID could also be included.

Prospective users that desire a smaller iPhone will have to wait and see if Apple will make any announcements next year.

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