MacBook Air – Apple’s Product Faces Strong Competition From Windows and iPad

Almost 10 years ago, the world of laptops was completely changed by Steve Jobs when he introduced the MacBook Air by taking it out of a tiny paper office envelope. The audience at Apple’s Macworld 2008 keynote was truly shocked by that moment which continued to send shockwaves through the entire PC market.


Apple managed to make a wedge shaped laptop that, at its thickest part, was still thinner than the Sony TZ Series’ thinnest part. The thing is that Sony’s product was one of the thinnest laptops back in 2008.

No other PC manufacturer could come up with anything similar that could compete, and it took years for the PC answer to find a solution to this problem.

Windows laptops

The best Windows laptops which you can get today include products from HP, Huawei, Lenovo, and Microsoft. Back in the Windows 8 days people were still experimenting, although the industry seemed to settle on a common 2-in-1 design factor that provides some tablet functionality besides the traditional laptop format.

The Specter X360 from HP does a good job with making this combination work, while products like the Surface Laptop 2 from Microsoft and the MateBook X Pro from Huawei offer the benefit of a modern touchscreen package on the traditional laptop design.

Et tu, Brute?

Another thing that the MacBook Air must deal with is internal competition. Besides some software updates added to the MacBook Air, Apple decided to incorporate most of their notable hardware improvements inside the iPad Pro.

The latest iPad Pro comes with the Face ID feature and a powerful A12X processor. The device was built on 7nm technology and it comes with a CPU with 8 cores and a GPU with 7 cores. According to Apple, this makes iPad Pro faster than 92 percent of all portable PCs.


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