RuneScape RuneScape_900_1_1 Is A Beta That Requires Feedback From You

Rejoice, the RuneScape Mobile Members Beta is here at last! You must consider the fact that only RuneScape members can access this beta for now. Since it is still in active development it will inevitably contain bugs. That is crucial that the players will help the developers with feedback meant to improve the game in order to deliver the best possible experience.

Important note

Right now there is only a limited number of installs available, which means that access follows the first-come, first-served unofficial rule. The game’s designers will make more installs available as the development process progresses. That is why you should keep a constant lookout on the social channels for the latest updates.


By playng RuneScape Mobile you will be able to take the world of Gielinor with you on your travels. The RuneScape Mobile Members Beta will provide you the full experience characteristic to RuneScape, the one that you love and know. You will live it now on your phone by using mobile-specific controls and an interface that is custom designed.

RuneScape Mobile is a game that works across all platforms, a feature that will allow you to continue your quest from where you left it off on your PC. You can experience the dungeons of Daemonheim while on the train, or make your way through Slayer Tower while on your lunch break.


To interact with the environment all you have to do is tap and move your character. Pressing and dragging one finger on the screen will rotate the camera and pinching will zoom it in. To open the Interaction Menu you will have to tap the display and hold briefly.

To scroll through the menus you will have to swipe, while holding and dragging will move items. Advance controls will be displayed to you through a pop-up.

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