Super Smash Bros Ultimate: Ken Will Be Included in The Game And a Companion App Will Come in 2019

After Incineroar was announced to reach Super Smash Bros Ultimate, it is now the turn for Ken to come into the game. Just like Ryu, Ken is a unique character. However, different from Ruy, Ken moves a little faster and has his own flaming shuriken.

Recently, it was announced that the Pokemon Incineroar also joined the Super Smash Bros Ultimate as a full-fledged fighter. A muscular cat with the appearance of an angry wrestler, this fighter was born in Pokemon Sun/Moon and has powerful attacks but which will require some timing. Each of his successful techniques will also make him take a pose, so you will have to think about using his special moves only when needed.

Another surprise presented on the Nintendo Direct is that the Piranha Plant will appear in the game, but only temporarily. This fighter will be available as a pre-order bonus and only to the first buyers of the game.

Super Smash Bros Ultimate will also get a companion app in 2019

The adventure mode, called The Glow of the World, is a story mode where Kirby will have to free all his friends from the clutches of a mysterious character who stole the fighters’ minds and converted them into invincible soldiers.

Spirits, each with different power, can be used as a support in the battle. Kirby will have to wander around on a large Mario Party-style map to find and free all the fighters in battles with diverse and varied foes.

The Super Smash Bros Ultimate companion app is scheduled for a 2019┬árelease. Called Smash World, the application will allow you to view and post videos of the game and view your own statistics. A “VIP Smash” area could be added and would be reserved for players with a high ranking. It will also be possible to pin the profiles of friends by displaying their Smash plates in a specially designed section.

Super Smash Bros Ultimate will roll out on December 7th, 2018.

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