VidMate or TubeMate – Which Video Downloader Should you Choose?

Video downloaders are very useful when you want to have your favourite music anytime, anywhere. Of course, it’s easier to simply play them through a streaming platform, but that’s impossible when you don’t have an Internet connection.

In case you are going to be in a low or no connectivity situation, TubeMate or VidMate will help us get the videos you like on your smartphone or tablet. Once you have them here, you can play them offline without any problem.

TubeMate and VidMate are the most popular video downloaders

If you never used a video downloader before, it’s hard to decide which one to choose. Let’s shortly analyse TubeMate and VidMate, two of the most popular tools used for downloading footages.

TubeMate comes with a user-friendly interface, helps you get audios from videos converted to MP3 and allows you to pause and resume files. Also, it allows you to choose resolution before downloading the video, you can use it to get footages from popular platforms – for example, YouTube, DailyMotion or Vimeo, it allows you to keep track of the video and more.

Unfortunately, you cannot download every video you want with TubeMate. If there are connectivity issues while downloading, the app crashes. For that matter, you need high Internet connectivity while using TubeMate. You also need MP3 media converter for completing the download.

VidMate is easy to use and downloads videos fast, even in HD quality. It allows you to have full albums on your device or watch more than 200 TV channels live. This app supports download from many platforms, just like TubeMate.

Besides, you can use VidMate as a marketplace and get more apps through it. The night mode is one if the coolest features, because it protects the eyes while watching movies or videos. Look for more information on each of the two apps and decide which one would work for you.

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