Google Pixel Slate tablet – Preorder It Now

Until now, we didn’t receive an official announcement for a release date regarding Google’s Chrome OS Pixel Slate after its proximity was made public back in October. Despite of that, you can find the preorders being open and live on the Google Store or in Best Buy shops.

Prices and Specs

The device comes with a $599 price tag on the Google Store and you can get the specced out version for $1,599. The latter will deliver you 256 GB of storage space and 16 GB of RAM

Best Buy comes with a starting price of $799 for 64 GB of storage and 8 GB of RAM and you can also find the specced out version available for $1,599. The 22nd of November seems to be the release date listed by Best Buy while Google stated that the device will be delivered during the next two or three weeks.

You can already acquire the Pixel Slate keyboard from the Google Store for $199 as it is available to buy.

The Pixel Slate

In case you have forgotten everything you knew about this product or if you just heard about Google’s Pixel Slate, then here is the breakdown for you. This tablet comes with a display that measures 12.3 inches and has a resolution of 2000 x 3000 pixels. The Pixel Slate marks solely the second time that Google decided to launch its own tablet.

The first one was represented by the Pixel C and it ran Android but it wasn’t optimized for those apps. Right now, the Pixel Slate features the Chrome OS. However, despite of its choice of OS it can also support apps designed initially for Android. This makes it a great tablet which will provide you with the chance of having the best of these two worlds.

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