Rainbow Six Siege To Get Censored To Launch On Asian Market, Ubisoft Reported

To reach the Asian market with Rainbow Six Siege, Ubisoft is about to offer a severe facelift to the renowned title on the franchise.

The new censorship that is announced to come upon Rainbow Six Siege is different than anything we witnessed before, as Ubisoft wants to launch Rainbow Six Siege across Asia, and this requires some compromises because of the strict legislation in certain countries across Asia, such as China.

Accordingly, the Chinese version of Rainbow Six Siege, at least, will come out with no aggressive visuals, such as knives, blood, slot machines, and sexual content. In short, Chinese players can expect a very light version of Rainbow Six Siege.

Ubisoft is, of course, trying to reassure that the “changes will have no impact on the gameplay” or the storyline of the game.

Ubisoft might go for censoring all the versions of Rainbow Six Siege, regardless of the market they run on

But the situation might be even harsher than we thought as Ubisoft reported on the official blog post in this regard that  “a single, global version would be available – we want to explain why these changes are coming to the global version of the game, as opposed to branching and maintaining two parallel builds.”

“Having the same people working on a singular global version of the game ensures we only need to do the work once. In addition, we can guarantee that any future changes are aligned with the global regulations we are working towards,” Ubisoft argues its decision.

“We have a commitment to ensure that the Rainbow Six Siege experience remains true to its roots. We are adjusting art and visuals, but are not compromising what makes Rainbow Six Siege the game you know today,” Ubisoft added.

In short, to launch Rainbow Six Siege to the Asian markets, Ubisoft decided to censor the international version of the game, not only the one dedicated to Asia.

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