The New MacBook Air Might Need a Notch and Face ID

Just last week we witnessed the return of the MacBook Air which came with a new Retina display, Apple’s T2 security chip and a Touch ID fingerprint sensor. The company called this lineup of features as ‘the most secure boot process of any notebook’.

If you think about it, this is really an interesting choice of words since Apple introduced the iPad Pro almost immediately after and it called its Face ID feature ‘more secure than any tablet or computer’. You may presume that this included the super secure MacBook Air as well.


It represented a surprising moment because Apple went straight from boasting about the security of its new MacBook Air to declaring it weak and outdated just minutes after the iPad was released, especially since both of the products have comparative prices.

A particular question comes to mind: ‘why didn’t Apple include Face ID on the MacBook Air as well?’

The reasons

You could answer this question with a number of practical explanations. It could be as simple as a matter of size since Face ID comes with an array of sensors which might prove to be wider and thicker than what Apple can fit in the displays of its laptops. Another reason would be that maybe Face ID comes with additional costs.

However, since comparable Windows laptops managed to include some form of IR facial recognition cameras, Apple might try to go ahead with it.

Another solution to making the Air sell better could be the introduction of a notch. If you think about it, macOS would fit really well with a notch. Windows didn’t stroke gold with its camera position choices, incorporating it at the bottom of their displays or inside a keyboard key. Apple could learn from this mistakes and include a notch especially designed for hosting cameras.

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