Blizzard To Add World of Warcraft References to Warcraft III Reforged

At first sight, the remaking of the 2002 Warcraft III, World of Warcraft Reforged, looks like a fairly straightforward job. You have to take the unsightly bits and build them beautifully. Check the cutscenes, provide them all with boggy ground and building structures with a facelift fit for 2018. Remake the strange look of Arthas, among others, and that’s on;y the beginning of Blizzard’s sought-after conclusion for its classics.

Blizzard to Continue Its Warcraft III Storyline, But With A Facelift

Warcraft III, however, unlocked the gateway to World of Warcraft after all. In 2002, Blizzard had no clue what type of creature its previously unreleased MMO would turn into. RTS 2002 launched many World of Warcraft storylines, from Arthas’s defection to the Dark Side, via the ever more complicated journey of Thrall’s hero, to Illidan’s final enthronement as king of the lords of the song.

The Blizzard team of classics, as a result, doesn’t only give Warcraft III a facelift. The Blizzard team would like to come up with a classic in line with whatever happened afterward.

Blizzard To Add World of Warcraft References to Warcraft III Reforged

That begins with the locations. In an interview at BlizzCon, Executive Producer Chris Sigaty and QA Manager Nicholas Louie demonstrated the “The Culling” level map, in which the former hero Arthas gave the starting kick to a heel swing that would see him transform into a World of Warcraft supervillain.

Like in 2002, the gamer – like Arthas – has the task of cleansing a city full of undead and plague-stricken civilians. But Stratholme provided the background for two World of Warcraft dungeons, and its Reforged distribution has been reworked to portray its following WoW embodiments.

In short, Blizzard will add World of Warcraft references to Warcraft III Reforged, the title the renowned games developing company would launch soon.

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