Null’s Clash Of Clans Private Server Is Out With The Townhall 12

Private Clash of Clans servers have become quite popular lately. Nulls Clash COC Private server was used by many players, and we were all anxiously waiting for the new Townhall 12. It appears that the update is finally here and we can get it.

The new Nulls Clash COC Private server brings several new features. For example, players will receive new levels, Siege Machine and Workshop, Electro Dragon Troop, and, obviously, the New Townhall 12. This is a huge update for Null’s Clash so this might be the reason why it took so long to receive it.

Merging villages

The Null private server recently announced that the two villages will be combined into one so that players can play them both at the same time. You can already try that and players have reported that the game works smoothly.


Private servers are great because they get rid of all the rules. For example, there are unlimited resources, which means that it is possible to upgrade all your buildings and troops to the maximum level. With the new feature clan wars are also available.

Even though it is a private server, it is now possible to battle real players. This is possible in both the builder base and the town hall. There are also some custom commands in the game. Here are some of them:

  • /asp – Attackiing your own base
  • /cct – Clear all spells and units in Townhall
  • /clean –Reset your base
  • /full – Max out all your buildings
  • /max – Max your gold and elixir

In order to get the apk for the latest version you just need to find the link for it and install it. The whole process takes a couple of minutes and when you are done you can enjoy the game.

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