Will We Receive A New Sims 5 Game In 2019?

The Sims is a game that has numerous fans, and the franchise continues to evolve. It is definitely the most popular simulation game, and while hardcore gamers might believe that it is that interesting, The Sims has a loyal fanbase.

At one point we weren’t that sure that we are going to get The Sims 5, but judging by the success of the previous edition, a new game is almost a certainty. However, so far we did not receive any official information about a possible release. This does not mean that there weren’t plenty of speculations though.

Major changes

It is expected that The Sims 5 will bring some big changes. For example, the first three games required a lot of time in order to prepare the households for the Sims. This was solved in The Sims 4, but even more improvements are expected in the upcoming game. Many believe that EA will make it a lot easier to find a place to live for your Sim, and start playing right away.

What players want

Many fans are excited about The Sims 5, and they already know which improvements they want to see in the game. Free mobility is the number one request in the community. If we take a look at The Sims 3, we can see that the Sims were able to move freely all around the neighbourhood. However, this changed with Sims 4, where a loading screen popped up even when the Sim tried to visit a neighbour.

Other players also wish for more options when it comes to clothes, hairstyles or even hair. We must admit that the current selection of grooming choices is quite limited, and most players had to come up with their own content when it came to dressing up the Sim.

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