Google Earth Pro Comes With New Features

Through the use of Google Earth you can travel anywhere on Earth, thanks to satellite imagery, maps, 3D buildings, or terrain. Start your journey from the galaxies in outer space to the deep canyons of our oceans. Google Earth Pro will allow you to discover rich geographical content, save the places you visited, and share them with others.

Compelling features

Google Earth comes with these standard features:

Advanced Measurements – The polygon area measure will allow you to measure land developments or parking lots easier, or you can use circle measure to determine the affected radius.

High-resolution printing – You will become able to print images up to 4800×3200-pixel resolution.

Spreadsheet import – Google Earth can ingest almost 2500 addresses at the same time, assigning style templates and placemarks in bulk.

Exclusive layers – These include traffic count, demographics, and parcels.

Movie-maker – You will be able of exporting Quicktime HD and Windows Media movies, up to 1920×1080 resolution.

GIS import – Start visualizing MapInfo files (.tab) and ESRI shapefiles (.shp).

Advanced business tools

In addition to the imagery of Google Earth and its easy-to-use features, Google Earth Pro comes with these advanced business tools:

You will start computing distances and areas through measuring tools. Movie Maker can be used to produce media collateral. Your reports and presentations will benefit from printing high-resolution pictures. Quickly map GIS data through importing large vector image files. Last but not least, the Spreadsheet importer will allow you to map addresses.

What changed?

Windows now allows Google Earth to run concurrently in multiple user sessions, it improved its appearance on monitors with high resolution. The 64-bit fixes include bugs that affected the joystick support, crashed when trying to hide 3D buildings, and so on. Tables tool improved their layout, stability and data synchronization.

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