The November Update doesn’t include Security Issues for Galaxy Note 9

Like many other devices we like to use so much these days, Galaxy Note 9 received an update at the beginning of November. Unfortunately, this doesn’t apply to all the handsets. The change can be noticed only in countries were the smartphone was still on September features, like Iran, South Africa and UAE.

Even if other companies upgraded their phones up to date everywhere in the world, Galaxy Note 9 manufacturers only managed to reach the progress registered by others last month. This means that starting from the first days of November, Note 9 has reached the October security patch in the mentioned countries.

Nobody knows when Galaxy Note 9 will receive the actual November update

Since the new device presents a different approach towards security issues, we cannot predict when the Note 9 will finally get the most recent update in countries like South Africa, UAE and Iran. Of course, we can expect to see it sooner in places where the October patch is already available.

The change is necessary especially if we consider that devices ran by Android Oreo faced some security issues. Even if the new software version presents some bugs and safety flaws, developers don’t mention anything about their future plans to improve this aspect. All they say is that ideas for improved security are considered as we speak.

The update might take up a lot of memory

After all things are considered, users who want to download the November patch should have an important aspect in mind: the update means over 200 MB. This is more than Samsung with Android Oreo OS can hold in terms of security updates.

If you want to download the November security patch on Galaxy Note 9, go to your phone’s Settings, click on Software update, then choose Download updates manually. For now, the update is not available in the firmware database or through Smart Switch, but it will be in the following days.

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