New Zelda Game Might Be In Works At Nintendo, According To Some Rumors

A ResetEra user has found job offers on the Internet, which suggest that Nintendo is working on a new Zelda game. While this information does not allow us to know much about what the Japanese multinational intends to do, they are indeed a hint that Nintendo is working on something.

Is indeed Nintendo working on a new Zelda game?

In any case, Guru-guru, one of the members of the ResetEra video gaming forum, has discovered job offers that seem to link to the new game’s developing page. These offers do suggest that Nintendo is forming a team to ensure the development of a new title. Even more interesting, these ads were published on the company’s official website.

Although they provide very little information about the new Zelda project, the recruitment process involves hiring a 3DG designer and a level designer.

Regarding the first offer, the one relating to the recruitment of a 3DG designer, Nintendo wants the candidate to have experience in action games and be able to design fields and dungeons. In addition to that, it is mandatory for him/her to be familiar with fund creation tools such as Maya and Adobe Photoshop. Nintendo also requires experience working on HD equipment.

As for the second offer, it specifies that the level designer must have professional experience as a game planner for mainstream games. He will effectively be in charge of planning Zelda’s events.

Is a new Zelda game coming to the Nintendo Switch?

Due to the fact that the job offers Nintendo posted provide very little information, we still don’t know whether the project concerns an entirely new Zelda game for the Nintendo Switch console, 3DS, or for mobile platforms.

However, Nintendo President Shuntaro Furukawa said a few weeks ago that he would want “to see more downloadable content for the existing main titles.” To achieve that, he hinted to a version of Zelda for Android and iOS.

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