PUBG Is Available For Free Download on Xbox One

Microsoft announced Wednesday that Xbox One owners could download Player Unknown’s Battlegrounds (PUBG) for free and save $30 off the regular price. The game, which is one of the most popular games of the moment, PUBG is a renowned Battle Royale title, competing directly with other representatives of the genre, such as Fortnite and, more recently, Call of Duty Black Ops 4.

Microsoft To Make A Big Announcement on PUBG This Weekend

Now, PUBG is available at no cost, but Microsoft says that it’s only a limited offer, so you should hurry to download it if you haven’t already installed the game.

This special offer Microsoft’s Xbox One team offers for PUBG gamers is no coincidence, as Microsoft is preparing a big announcement about PUBG on this Saturday, November 10th, during the XO18 framework, an event dedicated for the fans of the Xbox One console and its games. The event will be held in Mexico City.

PUBG Offered For Free On Xbox One by Microsoft, Ahead Of The Of The Game’s Debut on PlayStation 4

The only bad news about PUBG is that it is played online so you’ll need a subscription to Xbox Live, a service that has a separate cost and allows you to play online with other players as well as have access to exclusive offers of the program.

Free PUBG for Xbox One comes soon after the debut of the same game on the PlayStation 4 console was announced, and, according to rumors, that might also be one of the reasons behind this Microsoft’s special offer.

According to the tech news portal The Verge, Microsoft would have paid for a year of PUBG exclusivity on its Xbox One console, but that contract would already have come to an end so that PUBG will arrive pretty soon on Sony’s PlayStation 4.

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