Google Play Services 14.7.92 Beta Will Enhance Your App Experience

If you are a developer or a common Android user, it is highly important that your phone has the latest Google Play Services version so that it can work seamlessly. Google Play services 14.7.92 beta will allow your apps to function properly. Your app can take some benefits from it, a main one being the access it provides to features powered by Google, such as Maps or Google+.

Improve your experience

Perhaps the main thing to benefit from with Google Play services would be the improvement of the app experience. In fact, your designed app could obtain new abilities, such as improving the game’s experience, performing searches offline, or becoming more immersive overall. You should note that without Google Play services it is quite possible for some apps to not function as they should.

This APK is meant for developers so that he or she can take advantage of all the features provided by Google in order to better their app. Things like Google Maps or Google+ are just a few of Google’s immense potential which is now up for grabs with this app, that is also updated consistently.


The APK for the Google Play services runs as a background service in the Android OS and it contains the individual Google services. App experience is enhanced through Google Play services as it speeds up searches done offline, it improves gaming experiences and it offers more immersive apps.

By using Google Play services you will be able of using the latest APIs for the popular Google services without having to worry about device support. You will find that the updates for Google Play services are distributed automatically through the Google Play store and the new client library versions are delivered via the Android SDK Manager.

All in all, Google Play services 14.7.92 beta is meant to be used by those developers who would really like to put the focus on their users’ experience.


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