Clash Royale Best Tips and Tricks To Have a Winning Deck

Clash Royale is a popular game by Supercell where you create armies, turn the village into a fortress and start wars.

The list below will help you in the game even you are a new player or not.

1.    Have a balanced Clash Royale deck

Make sure you have from each unit in your deck: ‘tanks’, splash damage units, and long-distance weapons and a wide range of card values so you will not beat while waiting for the elixir to refill.

2.    Try to use units that only attack towers

It is very useful to have specific units mainly for attacking towers, for example, the powerful Giant and the river-leaping Hog Rider. It keeps the enemies away from the village causing them damage.

3.    You better pair up the units

Make different combinations of units before sending them in the field. For example place a giant in front of a balloon because it can take a lot of damage. The Hog Riders pairs up strongly with Fire Spirits, Goblins or Ice Spirits

  1. Try to use spells

In Clash Royale the spells are used to boost in an attack. The most recommended spells are Freeze and Zap. The first one it freezes the enemies army for some seconds and the second spell destroys two elixirs from the enemies.

5.    Keep the sound on while playing

The game sound effects might not be the best but it reminds you when the units are added.

6.    Do not rush the game

You might feel the urge to use the units in a fight in Clash Royale, very fast. The most common and useful advice is to wait until you have full elixir refill before attacking.

7.    Create a strategy from the back

Try to place slower units, such as Giant, at the back to push from behind the King’s Tower and in all this time the elixir will have enough time to refill in order to add support troops.

8.    Distract the enemies

In Clash Royale mostly the towers units can be easily distracted. You can distract the units coming to your Arena Towers by placing cheap unit in the center of the

  1. If everything is lost, sacrifice

If the opponent seems to take down your tower units and gains field, sacrifice the unit and add more in the opposite pathway. Try not to put the King Tower at risk, in order to keep the game going.

  1. Check the time

A fight is three minutes long and in the last 60 seconds the elixir will refill two times faster. If you check the time and synchronize with it you can cause a lot of damage.

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