Pete Hines From Bethesda Explained Why Fallout 76 Comes Out With No Vehicles The Gamers Can Drive

The Fallout games never gave players the opportunity to get in a single vehicle. With a revised map and all Bethesda’s multiplayer ambitions, many fans hoped to be able to drive a car in Fallout 76 and travel the desolate lands along with their armed friends. As we already know that driving vehicles is not a possibility in Fallout 76, Pete Hines came out to comment on fans’ complaints.

“The problem with vehicles is that you miss all the fun stuff to find. The idea is that by going from point A to point B, you can find a cabin here, with a niche right there, containing a whole bunch of complex mathematical equations and a periodic table on the wall, and you wonder what could have happened there and who was living there. This is the kind of immersive story in an open world that is totally lost if you let players drive their way in vehicles,” Pete Hines said.

And, honestly, Hines, the head of marketing and a famous spokesman for Bethesda, is right on that one.

Pete Hines From Bethesda Explained Why Fallout 76 Comes Out With No Vehicles That The Gamers Can Drive

“With 23 other players on the map, each of them has the ability to build camps and these become points of interest on their own. These are not marked, you have to come and see them yourself. If you make quick trips, you’ll miss all this. It is intentional to make you explore, see and find all the cool things that exist there. We don’t want you to go by at full speed and miss everything that’s going on there,” Pete Hines added.

What Hines said makes perfect sense, and we cross our fingers that the universe of Fallout 76 will prove to be as vast as promised by Bethesda’s marketing leader. However, we’ll soon find out since Fallout 76 launched today, November 14th, for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and Microsoft Windows.

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