Rise of Civilizations Comes With Exciting Events

Rise of Civilizations will let you enjoy real warfare, 27 heroes and 8 civilizations.

The game’s story

You will be the author of your civilization’s history, taking it from the abyss of obscurity to the tops of notoriety.

Will you use war to fuel your legendary status as you seek to make the whole world yours?

Will you prefer to use sagacity and wisdom as you rise up to be a virtuous leader?

Will you prefer the pioneer path as you set off to explore new regions? Or will you prefer to be a philantropist, looking out for your people?

The answer is yours and yours alone since only you can decide the fate of your civilization.


You will find out that the battles inside the game are not calculated beforehand, but they happen in real-time. Join a battle or leave it anytime you wish due to this true RTS gameplay. If an ally is attacked in your proximity, jump in to help him. You can send troops to help, or counterattack the enemy in his base.

The game’s map

The game is set on a humongous map that is populated by NPC characters and players. Separate battle screens or isolated bases won’t be found here. This game offers an ‘infinite zoom’ feature, unique on mobile devices, which will allow you to move freely across the map.

Different civilizations

As you safely assumed from the title, Rise of Civilizations will have you choose from eight historical civilizations and guide it from the bottom to the top. There is a lot to discover.

What’s new?

Rise of Civilizations introduces an improved Karuak Ceremony. This is a new event added to the kingdom history development cycle. Each ceremony will begin once a kingdom reaches a corresponding historical stage.


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