Ultimate Ninja Blazing 2.11.1 Comes With Various Bug Fixes And A New App Icon

This game will have you joining the battle with your favorite characters from Naruto,
fighting in various shinobi formations as you take part in battles spread across the story
of the renowned anime.

You will have to fight lots of enemies and complete quests using the Shinobi Formation
Battle system, which is brand new. This will suppose you to join a strategic RPG fighting
system which will allow you to unleash exhilarating combination attacks with your
friends. Gain control over team field skills, come up with new ninjutsu and become the
next Hokage in this fresh Ultimate Ninja mobile game.

Features of Ultimate Ninja Blazing

Join your ninja dream team and battle enemies

Unleash ninjutsu abilities for powerful offensive strikes, defensive abilities that can stop enemy
movement, and more;
Fight enemies using ninjutsu, powerful special techniques and combination attacks;
Control over 100 NARUTO heroes, each with their own unique attacks and tactics.

Mission Mode Based On the Original Anime Storyline!

Battle through stories from the original series;
Mission Mode allows you to relive the experience of the NARUTO story.

Perform powerful attacks and learn ninja skills

Fighting closely with your team allows for great opportunity, but also great risk;
Fighting skills include close-ranged and combination attacks for massive damage;
Ninja Field Skills can turn the tide of battle in your favor.

Join Multiplayer Games to Fight Ninjas from Around the World

Join together and take on missions with up to 3 other ninjas;
Battle against other ninjas in multiplayer mode.

You can always find new games during Monthly Phantom Castle Events

Battle against a multitude of enemies that await you as you climb the Phantom Castle;
Compete against other ninjas for the most points and aim for the top in a special mode that can only
be accessed during special events.

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