Final Fantasy XV – Royal Arms Locations

You don’t have to dive too deep inside the Final Fantasy XV plot before you come across your first Royal Arm. These arms originate from the former kings of Lucis and that is exactly why the only one in your party who can use them is Noctis, the heir to the throne of Lucis. Each Royal Arm has unique abilities, its own stat boosts and method of play.

Actually, there are some of them that don’t fit into the weapon categories that come pre-defined because on is a throwing star while the other is a bow.

The Main Ones

There are seven of the Royal Arms which you will have to collect as part of the story. That’s why we won’t spoil you the locations. Instead we’ll give you the quest name in which you can obtain them.

Sword of the Wise – Legacy

Axe of the Conqueror – The Power of Kings

Swords of the Wanderer – The Sword in the Waterfall

Blade of the Mystic – The Archaean

Katana of the Warrior – Hand of the King

Trident of the Oracle – Breath of the Glacian

Sword of the Father – A King’s Struggle

Hidden ones

There are also six Royal Arms scattered throughout the game. You will have to find them yourself. Beware, some are guarded by demons or beasts. Again, we won’t spoil your fun and give you the exact coordinates. Instead, you should use these clues to have a better experience.

Scepter of the Pious – Found in Chapter 6

Mace of the Fierce – Located in the Rock of Ravanaugh

Star of the Rogue – Found in Myrlwood

Bow of the Clever – Near where you start the game

Shield of the Just – In the crypt near Cauthess, the Disc

Greatsword of the Tall – Hidden in Costlemark Tower

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