Google stories of the week: Dark Mode, Pixel 3 Lite, Black Friday Deals and Inbox by Gmail

The Black Friday deals from Google topped the charts this past week with the reveal of some incredible discounts in the Google Store coming next week. We are talking about huge discounts concerning the Pixel 3 and Pixel 3 XL which includes a BOGO 50 percent offer. You can also find the Home Hub available for $99, a Pixelbook that is heavily discounted and much more.

The past weeks also shared the huge story revolving around dark mode applications. After we received confirmation from Google that dark mode really saves your devices’ battery life, we started to become excited to see dark mode hitting more apps. This week we saw that new arrivals concerned Google Phone and Google Contacts.

We approach the cutoff for Google’s Inbox by Gmail. Users have been reminded that their preferred email application is on its last legs. A notification went out to many of us this week which was met with some strong reactions about the change.

“Earlier this year, on the coattails of the latest Gmail redesign, Google announced that it was shutting down Inbox by Gmail by March of next year. While this announcement should have been enough of a nudge to transition many users off the platform, Google is now giving a stronger push, and not all Inbox users are liking what they find on the other side”.

Also, this week we received the first leak of a Google phone which we never saw before, the Pixel 3 Lite. We were able to spot ‘Sargo’ in the previous app teardowns, but the leaked images from this week revealed how Google’s budget phone might look like and it seems that it will also come with a headphone jack.

Last but not least, Night Sight has been officially released for Google Pixel owners this week. It seems to be pretty incredible and is now available for all Pixel phones.

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