Microsoft Word 16.0.11112.20002 beta Will Increase Your Productivity

Microsoft Word became a trusted app because it allows you to edit, create, share and view your files with other people quickly and conveniently. It will also allow you to edit and view Office documents attached to emails. By using Word, your Office will move around with you.


Regardless of your job, a journalist, blogger, writer, student, columnist or a project manager will find it handy to use this app. Word introduces a PDF reader which will make reading PDF files much easier. You can read your e-books or PDFs before you sleep, while travelling or on other such occasions.

You will be able to create impactful text documents, blogs, scripts, resumes or write-ups in a timely manner. Also, you can customize your letters, docs, notes or resumes to suit your style with dependable tools which will allow you to arrive to your best writing with the best format options available.

Be confident in your work

You can get a jump-start on your project, assignments, blogs, letters, notes, write-ups, scripts or resume with some beautifully designed modern templates. Get the benefit of using rich formatting and layout options to write down your ideas and express them accordingly. Document layout and format will remain pristine and look great regardless of the device you use.

Edit, write and read comfortably

The reading view feature will enable you to read long PDFs, docs, scripts or letters on your device much easier than before. By converting a PDF file into a Word doc will allow you to edit it and make changes easily. The other way around is possible as well. We are talking about converting a doc file into a PDF one as soon as you are done editing and you are ready to share your PDF with just a few taps.

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