PlayStation 5 Might Boast An 8-Core AMD Ryzen CPU And 4K Output At 60 FPS

Recently, Sony celebrated five years of PS4, while the next-generation PlayStation 5 is already in the works. However, the Japanese company did not reveal anything on the future console, except for the fact that the PS5 is under development. Luckily, many rumors emerged on this topic, and now we have more info about PlayStation 5.

Unfortunately for the fans, Sony announced that the company wouldn’t be present at the E3 2019, the most significant video games conference in the world, held yearly. However, the Japanese entertainment company would make some exciting announcements regarding its future PlayStation 5 in May, before the next year’s E3.

The user on Reddit who initially informed the community that Sony would not participate at the E3 2019 also revealed that devs are already possessing PS5 dev kits and are working on next-generation games. Apparently, this Reddit user’s post corroborates with an earlier rumor that Square Enix is already working on a PlayStation 5 title.

PlayStation 5 Might Boast An 8-Core AMD Ryzen CPU And 4K Output At 60 FPS

According to the Reddit user, some titles advertised as developed for PlayStation 4, such as Death Stranding and Last of Us 2, are under development with a significant focus on PlayStation 5, though. Additionally, some rumors also stated that BioWare’s Anthem, created with Frostbite Engine, is not correctly working on the current generation consoles.

Reportedly, Sony’s PlayStation 5 would boast an AMD Ryzen 8-core CPU and will be able to produce 4K gameplay at 60 FPS. The upcoming console would also have the ability to power new peripherals, including a successor to the PlayStation VR.

The future PlayStation VR device would come out with new Move Motion controllers and a built-in camera. Besides, a whole bunch of rumors came our regarding the next PS5, and some of them have also speculated that the future Sony’s video games console would boast PS4 backward compatibility.

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