Brutal Age: Horde Invasion 0.4.05 Comes With Thanksgiving Rewards

Brutal Age Horde Invasion will allow you to forge your own tribe with outposts and cities
anywhere on the map as you try to push your borders against all sorts of global
competitors. You can come to experience one of the most original player vs. everyone
and player vs. player battles through downloading and installing this new free massive
multiplayer online strategy game.

Another huge benefit of Brutal Age Horde Invasion is that you can try to make alliances
with your friends and allow them to share the fun of being absolutely Brutal in the
prehistoric party.

Highlights of Brutal Age: Horde Invasion 0.4.05

One of the first things you should do when you try this new game is to build and try to
expand your territory as you look towards Burning the lands of your rivals. Then, you will
see that you are able to zoom the map really smooth in order to see every detail on the
map so you know that you have the complete picture available.

You can choose and build up your Horde and take it with you to fight in all sorts of wars
with people coming from all over the world. From this Horde, you can choose over 15
unique barbarian clan troops and train them in order for them to get certain specialties
which will really increase your chances of winning battles.

There is a really interesting feature that comes with Brutal Age Horde Invasion and we
are talking about the ability to terraform. You can turn your land into lakes, mountains,
forests or swamps, whatever you like to suit your style.
When you get tired of wars you can join hunts for sabertooths, mammoths, treant and
all kinds of ancient monsters. To become the Chieftain of all chiefs you will have to
conquer the Wonder.

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