Euro Truck Evolution (Simulator) 2.2.0 Comes With A New Available Contest

Euro Truck Driver will allow you to feel like a real trucker. Euro Truck Evolution is a simulator that features European trucks with a lot of customizations while at the same time delivering an exciting driving experience which will make you feel as if you are really driving a truck.


You will visit the roads from many European countries and you will visit some incredible places like Prague, Berlin, Rome, Paris, Madrid and more. The career mode of this truck simulator can be played as well, allowing you to make money, purchase new upgrades and trucks and explore the trucking world.

You can even challenge your friends to join the online multiplayer mode and show off your customized truck. Playing Euro Truck Evolution will make you the King of the Road.


The game will come with 12 European truck brands (with 4×2 and 6×4 axles) so you will have plenty to choose from to test them out. You can travel through more than 20 cities that come with realistic features which will make you feel just like you are visiting them.

Enjoy driving through many countries, across highways, country roads and offroads as well. You will find that this game – Euro Truck Evolution – comes with some pretty intuitive and easy controls (touch steering wheel, buttons and tilt).

The game features realistic weather conditions and even the day/night cycle is present. If you are not paying attention, then you would see the damage starting to accumulate on your truck. Those loving engines will really appreciate the amazing sounds that they make. The traffic system is controlled by AI that is constantly improved.

Last but not least, you can play with multiple players online with Convoy or Servers mode.

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