How to Get Access to Xender on Jio Phone

In case you want to get a smartphone in order to stay in touch with your family and friends, but you don’t want to spend way too much money, we have a solution for you: Jio Phone – we think it’s what you need. Devices that come from Jio Phone are famous because they are reliable and affordable. This is why, most of the companies that offer smartphones to their employees tend to buy Jio Phones instead of something expensive, like Apple, Samsung, even Huawei.

The thing is that this company is not that popular, and its operating system does get access to all the apps that Android gets, for example. Same for those on iOS. But there’s a way around: the team behind the apps will always want to improve their products and the user experience, and the apps in general – so they do everything they can to make the apps compatible with Jio Phone too. Xender is one of the best examples.

What’s Xender?

Not many people have heard of Xender. This is one app that has to do with sharing multiple files between multiple smartphones. By using this app, you’ll be able to share files at fast speeds that can even reach 40mb/s. It also supports all types of files, even the pre-installed apps. This is one of the reasons why we think Xender is a must have for all the users with a smartphone. Lucky enough, the newest Xender APK update is here, and it’s compatible with Jio Phone devices.

The 4.0.0622 APK

This is the newest update for Xender and it’s the one that changed the app version number to 4.0.0622. It is not available in the form of APK. Because of the fact that the new update has come in the form of APK, Xender fans will have to download it and install it on their smartphones manually. The first thing you need to do it enabling the “Unknown Sources” feature – you’ll find it in the Settings panel. We get it, it’s annoying to do it by hand, but it sure is worth it.

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