Jurassic World Evolution Got The New “Secrets Of Dr. Wu” Expansion Pack

“Secrets of Dr. Wu” expansion for Jurassic World Evolution is now available for download, adding missions plus a new story to the campaign. Frontier Developments continues to expand the universe of the before-mentioned game, and, with this occasion, the novelties come with the launch of an expansion called “Secrets of Dr. Wu.”

Jurassic World Evolution is a game based on the renowned Jurassic Park universe, full of hungry, dangerous dinosaurs, and it is a strategy game with lots of adventure and action moments. Now, the game’s devs released “Secrets of Dr. Wu,” an expansion pack that would add new missions, among others.

“Secrets of Dr. Wu” to bring new missions and a new story to the campaign

“Secrets of Dr. Wu” adds missions and a new story to the campaign, allowing players to take control of two secret labs in Island of Death Iand Isla Tacano where Dr. Henry Wu, played by BD Wong, is developing a new generation of hybrid dinosaurs. It would be necessary to face several threats and the consequent chaos caused by the experiments of the doctor.

“Secrets of Dr. Wu” also introduces the herbivore Olorotitan and the poisonous Troodon. In addition to them, three new hybrid dinosaurs created by Dr. Wu himself would come into Jurassic World Evolution, namely, the Stegoceratops, Ankylodocus, and the Spinoraptor. Also, downloading the package will unlock new enhancements and research options that can be used in the campaign.

Along with “Secrets of Dr. Wu” expansion pack, Frontier Developments also released a free update

Finally, and coinciding with the launch of the expansion, the game receives a free update that, among others, incorporates the day/night cycle in the campaign, new dinosaur groups, and dream behaviors, as well as contracts and large capacity feeders. Jurassic World Evolution is already available for PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.

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