US Testing of Samsung Galaxy Note 9 Android Pie Confirmed

Beta Android 9 firmware for Samsung Galaxy Note 9 were discovered in South Korea and Europe recently. This led us to believe that a One UI beta program for the Galaxy Note 9 was possible. Then, we discovered that a beta firmware is also being tested in the US.

Access to the One UI beta program

The US Galaxy S9 and Galaxy Note 9 Android Pie builds variants appeared a while before the beta was released. The latest beta build that was discovered (N960U1UEU1ZRKH) is for the unlocked Galaxy Note 9.

Other firmware versions are being tested by Samsung (N960FXXU2ZRKE and N960NKSU2ZRKF) we most notice the Z that appears in the build number. This letter is used by Samsung for beta firmware. It has been used for that purpose since the public beta programs of the Galaxy S9.


For a while now we have received information that the Galaxy Note 9 will join the Android Pie beta. This was also confirmed by Samsung’s customer support staff. After the latest leaks, we have plenty of evidence to be almost certain of it. There is a big change that we will see the Samsung Galaxy Note 9 join the One UI beta program. It is very likely that the device will join the program in the second stage of the Galaxy S9 beta.

Nonetheless, while there are multiple proofs to back up this assumption, nothing has been confirmed officially yet. Since Samsung has remained silent, we will have to wait and see if the Galaxy Note 9 users will have a chance to try out the One UI and Android Pie before January, when the official release will take place. It is pretty exciting to think about all the new functions that will be added to the Samsung Galaxy devices by Android Pie.

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