AdVenture Communist 3.2 Crushed Some Pestering Bugs

Idle games are real opportunities of fun for those that don’t really have the time to constantly play games. From the glorious leaders of AdVenture Capitalist comes an even better idle game. This app is AdVenture Communist and it really is a game for the masses. You will have to build for the hard working Comrades who want a game that works even harder than before.


Your path to glory begins from somewhere small, as you probably imagine. It begins with potatoes. You will have to grow and collect Potatoes in order to gain more Resources. Take control over the means of production and become the Glorious Leader of your very own Communist State.

Your power will begin to slowly but steadily grow and as it does so you will also begin to attract more Comrades to your cause. And that would be great because, as you probably found out by now, many hands make light work and lucky for you, there is always more work that needs to be done.


The Communist State never rests, but don’t worry, this rule doesn’t apply to you. All you have to do is recruiting some Researchers who will automate your industries and increase their power, efficiency, fortune and speed. They really put the ‘pro’ in ‘proletariat’.

If you have already done it, then you can close the game and go away because as a Glorious Leader, you have a lot of important things to attend to. You can return at any time you want to your bountiful State that will be brimming with Resources which are completely at your disposal.

You will find more and more potatoes to which you can shake your stick to, and there are many really large sticks.

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