Snapchat: Lens Creative Partners Program for Those Developers Who Are the Best in the Field

We’ve seen lately that the Lens community has grown a lot, so Snapchat decided to launch a new program – Lens Creative Partners program – for those creators who build AR lenses for different brands.

Snapchat decided to expand the network of AR Lens creators when it decided to make a Lens Creative Partners program. The list already has about 30 certified developers, and most of them are from USA and UK, Canada and Australia. The team behind Snapchat made an announcement, in which they said that they’re a part of a group of certified creators that have made the AR Lenses for Snap a thing.

It’s not that easy to get certified. This is tricky. Those who want to get certified in the program had to have some experience in developing quality AR and have a few courses about the development process in their agenda. Also, they had to do creative practices, add policies and buy the models of the sponsored AR Lenses on Snapchat.

Why is this thing helpful?

There are many brands which wanted to work with the AR Lens creators – more often than usual – so Snapchat decided that it’s for the best to launch a Lens Creative Partners Program in order to certify those creators who are the best at using technology. This is actually a very good thing because brands will understand that the partners that they want to work with will have the required experience to deal with the needs of the market.

This program lets more brands to create and run AR campaigns, so this means that they also increase AR campaign spends for the well-known platform. The popularity of Snap AR Lenses is currently increasing among users around the globe, so we should’ve seen this thing coming.

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