Dragalia Lost 1.2.0 Comes With Bug Fixes And Improvements

Dragalia Lost 1.2.0 represents the latest version of an action role playing game that seems to have been forged by both humans and dragons alike. Dragalia Lost consists of a role playing game filled with action that is also controlled through swipes. It is about the bonds that humans and dragons can begin to form, develop and maintain.

You must conquer your opponents and you will do so by using a wide range of powerful attacks combined with some special skills. There is also a possibility – but let this secret remain just between us friends – that will allow you to turn into a dragon.

Dragalia Lost consists of a tale which combines legends, allies and heroes alike in a unique mix which sets it aside among other such games. A unique feature of Dragalia Lost is that it comes with over 60 voiced characters that are ready and waiting to help you on your quest.

What would a RPG be without characteristic music? Perhaps there are many among you who would be happy to find out that Dragalia Lost has its soundtrack made by DAOKO. The Japanese artist who has a huge amount of fans joined hands with the developers of Dragalia Losts and her captivating musical score will enhance for sure your upbeat gaming experience.

Other things that you should know

Dragalia Lost is a free to download app and it will offer you some optional purchases options which you can access from within the app itself. In order to play Dragalia Lost you need to make sure that you meet the internet connectivity requirements and beware as data charges may apply.

Last but not least, Dragalia Lost allows its third-party partners to collect data from this app for marketing and analytical purposes.

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