Facebook Lite Beta Will Improve The Apps Speed And Reliability

Facebook Lite is the app to use to keep up faster and easier than ever with your friends. Use it as a friends’ app which will allow you to connect and keep up with your own social network. Facebook Lite beta is lightweight, which will spare you some vital storage space on your device. Also, since it can be used even in 2G conditions, you will be able of using it pretty much anywhere.


The Lite version packs plenty of the classical Facebook features available on the original app, such as liking photos, sharing to a Timeline, becoming part of groups, editing your profile, and searching for people.


Facebook Lite will let you come across friends and family who you want to stay in touch with. You can update your status whenever you want and improve how you convey your feelings through Facebook emojis. They can paint the picture when it comes to saying something without words.

Your favorite memes and photos are shareable instantly and when someone comments on them or likes them, you will be notified instantly. Finding local social events won’t be a hassle anymore since you can RSVP to those found on Lite.

Make plans to get together with your friends and interact with them by leaving reactions and comments on their Facebook posts. When you come across a photo you particularly like, then save it to your photo albums.

Did you meet some interesting people lately? You can follow them to get their latest news and posts. When you walk on the street and see a new business pop-up, then look it up on Facebook to see reviews, pictures, and during which hours does it operate.

Last but not least, use Facebook Marketplace to buy and sell locally.

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