Mech Rage On Nintedo Switch to Come Out On December 23rd

The indie catalog on Nintendo Switch will get a new title. Accordingly, Mech Rage, the science fiction arcade shooter developed by Drageus Games, would come to Nintendo Switch in December.

Mech Rage on Nintendo Switch Release Date

According to the official announcement, Mech Rage would arrive on the Nintendo Switch video game console on December 23rd, coinciding with the Nintendo’s Christmas campaign, but about ten days later than the release date on PC. The title that can only be acquired digitally from the Nintendo eShop, while PC players will receive it on the Steam platform on December 14th, as previously announced by Drageus Games.

“We present you Mech Rage for Nintendo Switch trailer. We’ve got hope that you will love our game shooter! Release Date – 23.12.2018 so ‘NINTENthusiast’ and ‘NinEverything’ be ready for the best Christmas gift,” said Drageus Games on Twitter.

Accordingly, the devs also released a gameplay trailer which you can watch below. So, below you can see a short trailer shared by the developer on social networks, which shows different fragments of gameplay with an isometric view along varying levels of the adventure.

About Mech Rage

Mech Rage is a science fiction space shooter that puts the gamer in the skin of the captain of an intergalactic spaceship, Excalibur, who has the primary goal to defend himself and the ship from the alien invaders using mecha weapons

Taking control of the different mechas, the players of Meca Rage on Nintendo Switch will have to defend the intergalactic spaceship known as Excalibur from the hordes of extraterrestrial creatures while improving their skills and obtaining new arsenal.

Nintendo Switch is getting more and more attention from the game developers with many titles rolling out on the Japanese console. Besides Mech Rage, Nintendo will roll out its Super Smash Bros Ultimate game on December 7th.

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