RISK: Global Domination Comes With A Bunch Of Fixes

We all wish to rule the world. Allow yourself to live this fantasy with this new adaptation of the classic game of RISK.

What you will have to do

Those aged over 13 can take the battle from the board game online with Global Domination mode. You will have to defend your territories, acquire troops, and then launch devastating attacks on your enemies for ultimate conquest. Of course, these enemies could be your friends, family or completely strangers.

Global Domination

This new mode will have you joining or hosting battles against new opponents every time you go online. The Automatch mode can be used to pit yourself against players that share a similar rank online.

Strategize wisely as you climb leaderboards and level up to become a Grandmaster. Naturally, there are additional achievements to be earned.


Besides Global Domination mode, there are multiple ones available, such as playing with your friends online, single player mode and pass & play.

This game allows up to 6 players (or artificial intelligence) to battle each other for world domination. From rookies to veterans, you will find four different difficulty levels. Traditional RISK fans will love this app since it comes with authentic rules.

You can add friends easily to the game and send them challenges. Those new to the game will benefit from a guided tutorial mode and in-game tips. Stay informed with achievements and critical game stats.

The game features multiple maps and some beautiful graphics. The avatars are animated in a fun way. You can communicate with your fellow generals to send secret alliance attacks or coordinated requests.

Emojis couldn’t miss a game these days, and RISK features them too, allowing you to express your glee or wrath as you try to conquer your enemies.

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