How to Use the New Echo Skype Features

The latest update for Echo devices added new Skype functionalities. Users are now able to receive and make voice calls with an Echo Dot and video calls if they possess the more advanced Echo Show. If you are interested in putting the new functionalities to good use read below for a comprehensive how to guide.


In order to be able to enjoy the function users will have to link their Skype and Amazon account. These can be done intuitively trough the Amazon Alexa app.

  1. Open the Amazon Alexa app
  2. Go to Settings
  3. Select Communication
  4. Select Skype
  5. Once you select the option enter your Skype credentials and you will be able to link the accounts.

How to call someone by using Alexa

After the previous steps have been successfully completed you can use the following commands:

In order to call someone: ‘’Alexa call X on Skype’’

Accepting a call from someone ‘’Alexa pick up’’

You can also call someone that is not a registered contact by simply specifying the number and telling Alexa to use Skype.

If you are willing to go through all the necessary steps Skype will reward you with 100 minutes per month for two months in order to freely call friends and relatives in 34 eligible countries.

Alexa is a cloud-based voice assistant that is able to perform a multitude of tasks. The assistant accepts a variety of voice orders that allow users to interact naturally with the device. Users can ask it to play music, turn smart-home appliances on and off, dim the light in a particular room, change the temperature or even lock your door if you use a smart lock.

The assistant comes pre-loaded on a variety of Amazon gadgets, among which we can count the Echo, Echo Dot, the more expensive Echo Spot and even on the Amazon Fire TV.

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