The Dark Theme APK for Google Phone v26 is Finally Here

Google phone owners recently noticed some changes on their devices. The Contacts app has been upgraded and now users have the possibility to use a dark theme for this category. Ever since the upgrade was out, people have been asking to see the Phone app improved with this feature and finally their wish was granted.

The Dark theme for Google phone v26 version is out after a long wait, so people who demanded it so bad can start enjoying it. Users can find the theme in APK format and should know that it can upgrade the already existing app. The file bears Google’s signature and a cryptographic mark, so people can be sure that the APK is safe and can be installed without malware or outside threats.

If you want to see how the Dark theme looks like on your Google phone, don’t wait until Google pushes it to your devices. You could end up waiting for days, but you don’t need to. The APK can be downloaded and installed like any other app, so you can do it yourself.

The update comes with a few interesting additions

Some users updated their phones and now are using the Dark theme. They already know what it brings, but the others should know what it is about. There are no notable differences between the Dark theme displayed by v25 and the one we notice in v26.

It looks like the Favorites tab continues to show rectangular photos, but previous experience showed us that they will end up by turning into circles. The Call log screen is modified as well. The only notable difference notable is connected to video calls via Duo. These calls have distinct labels so that the user doesn’t mistake them for those coming from a carrier.

Google v26 phone users can easily enable the Dark theme on their devices. All they have to do is go to Settings, then Display Options and press the Dark Theme button. This operation will protect the user’s retina and the phone’s battery life.

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