PlayStation 5 Images Leaked To Reveal Sony’s Next-Gen 8K Console

Although PlayStation 4 Pro is relatively new, rumors and leaks about PlayStation 5 already emerged on the Internet. Now, new PlayStation 5 images leaked to reveal Sony’s next-gen 8K console.

LetsGoDigital, a popular gadget blog, revealed new images of the future Sony video games console, the PS5, which appears to be thinner than the PlayStation 4 Slim. However, that’s not a big surprise as Sony is centering on its console’s design, while, on the contrary, Microsoft focuses on the performance and technical specs of its Xbox consoles, leaving design behind.

PlayStation 5 Images Leaked To Reveal Sony’s Next-Gen 8K Console

According to the new PlayStation 5 images that leaked online, the PS5 would keep the rich dual-texture finish boasted by the original PlayStation 4 release. Besides, the 3D mockups were allegedly created in collaboration with the Bonami SpelComputer Museum, based on the earlier PS5 photos leaked by Russian site Rozetked, as reported by TrustedReviews. In fact, both LetsGoDigital and Rozetked PS5 leaks look very similar, the only difference being at the logo and the colors palette.

Sony’s fans expect lots of novelties and improvements for the future PlayStation 5, including 8k support, 8-core AMD Ryzen CPU with Zen+ architecture and GDDR6 RAM. Also, some rumors talked about a new DualShock controller with a curvy design and a new 5G-compatible PlayStation Portable to compete directly with Nintendo Switch.

In reality, we could indeed see a PlayStation 5 with 8K resolutions support as there are already several TV sets compatible with that resolution. However, if the original PS5 won’t boast that, the later PlayStation 5 Pro would come out with 8K support.

PlayStation 5 Release Date

You should take the new PlayStation 5 leaks with a grain of salt since Sony did not release anything official on its future PS video games console. On the other hand, many might change before the PS5 hits the shelves.

According to rumors, PlayStation 5 would come out between 2020 and 2021, most likely in 2021.

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