Sapphire Nitro+ Radeon Rx 590 Special Edition: Everything You Need to Know

Polaris 30, RX 590 Polaris 30 is said to be very simple, according to its description. However, if we are to take a closer look, it’s not the case. It’s larger than expected and it still has the 2304 Stream Processors.  It has the same memory configuration, 8GB of GDDR5 (there’s G5X, but they only made variants with 8GB, so there’s no 4GB model in the first place).

The RX 480/580 models were made on GlobalFoundries, with 14nm process nodes. The RX 590 comes with 12nm node and its design allowed AMD to move to the 14nm designs without actually redesigning much.

How did they make the power more efficient?

When moving to the 12nm node, this allowed more headroom and more power efficiency. It’s true – they sprung the TDP of the RX 590 up to 225w, but this means that they let a higher core frequency (of over 1500MHz), which is actually the best they could have ever since they allowed over 7 TFLOPS of peak to calculate the performance.

The cooling can handle it

The SAPPHIRE Nitro+ RX 590 Special Edition has the four heat pipe of 2×8 mm and 2×6 mm bending through the full heatsink, that’s kept cool by two blue lit dual ball bearing fans, which represent the solution of Dual X cooling. It was designed for 300w of cooling, so there’s no trouble in suppressing the TDP Polaris 30 chip.

The power is handled by a 6 phase 50amp board design, that comes with Black Diamond Chokes and polymer capacitors, with the foretaste 500 series Nitro+ board design, that has the same power connections (8+6pin), which are reversed for the sake of installation and removal.

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