Best GTA 5 Cheats to Get Your Rankings Up

GTA 5 has been out for quite some time, but it continues to have numerous fans. If you feel like changing things a little in the game, you might want to try using cheats. We have prepared a list of cheats that will work in GTA 5. In order to use them, press the “~” key and insert the code. Make sure that it is typed in all caps.

GTA 5 cheats

  • CATCHME: Makes you run a lot faster.
  • DEADEYE: Slow-motion aiming is enabled, and stacks up to three times.
  • FLOATER: Enables moon gravity. There isn’t a major effect.
  • FUGITIVE: Your wanted level will increase by one star each time you enter it.
  • GOTGILLS: You can swim faster.
  • HIGHEX: Your bullets become explosive.
  • HOPTOIT: Gives you a super powerful jump and you don’t take damage when you land.
  • HOTHANDS: Gives you explosive melee attacks.
  • LAWYERUP: Your wanted level will decrease by one star each time you enter it.
  • LIQUOR: Drunk mode is enabled. Can be a lot of fun.
  • MAKEITRAIN: The weather changes.
  • PAINKILLER: Invincibility for five minutes.
  • POWERUP: Recharges the special ability meter of each single player character.
  • SKYDIVE: Gives you a parachute.
  • SKYFALL: Spawns you in the sky.
  • SLOWMO: Makes the world slow.
  • SNOWDAY: Your car becomes a bit slide-y.
  • TOOLUP: Your inventory will fill up with one of every type of weapon and plenty of ammo.
  • TURTLE: You get maximum health and armour.

Vehicle spawn cheats

There is also a list of cheats that allow you to get any vehicles you might want:

  • BANDIT: Spawns a BMX.
  • BARNSTORM: Spawns a stunt plane.
  • BUZZOFF: Spawns a Buzzard helicopter.
  • COMET: Another fast car.
  • FLYSPRAY: Spawns a duster aircraft.
  • HOLEIN1: Spawns a little golf car.
  • OFFROAD: Gets you the Sanchez bike.
  • RAPIDGT: Gets you a fast car.
  • ROCKET: Spawns a motorcycle.
  • TRASHEDL: Spawns a garbage truck.
  • VINEWOOD: Spawns a limo.

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