iOS 12 Gold Master: Download It Without a Developer Account

As of late, Apple has released the final beta version of the iOS 12. It’s called The Gold Master and is not only available to developers. We’ve written this article to show you how to get the update without having to use a developer account.

What’s this new update about?

This is the closest one to the final update. It takes 2.5 GB out of your memory for all the devices, except for iPhone X, which takes 3GB.

This update comes with new features:  Intelligent Tracking Prevention in Safari; you’ll be able to edit RAW photos, the camera app will open 70% faster and you’ll get to enjoy Siri shortcuts.

How to download it

If you have a developer account (you probably don’t), you’ll get the update directly from the update section in the General tab from Settings.

If not, you can simply get it from the OTA profile or download the IPSW firmware file from iTunes. If you’re using the download profile, then the phone will be upgraded to the gold update automatically. If you’re waiting for the iTunes updates, then you need to get it on your computer. Just connect the phone to the computer, and then choose the update from iTunes.

Why should you get it?

Being the final version of the beta, it means it’s also the most stable one. It cannot be different than the one that’s supposed to get released on the 17th of September, unless they find a bug that they need to fix.

Those of you who already sign up in the beta program, have probably seen some bugs, so you guys need to get the update as soon as possible. This update is set to solve all the issues known up until now.

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