Google Maps Update Available to Download: Improves User Experience

The Google Maps app is the most population navigation app that is currently available and the latest update makes it even better.

In the latest update Google addressed the helpful but sometimes intrusive Assistant feature. A revamped Assistant is now smarter and stealthier even when it is active. The screen real estate occupied by the Assistant has been significantly reduced and it is now able to keep navigation open even when a call is initiated or answered. In the previous version the dialer would be automatically displayed, filling the screen and complicating the navigation process.

The footprint of the Assistant is now small and convenient. When you decide to enable the app a minimalist bar will now appear. The bar will conveniently display the time and distance ETA while also showing turn-by-turn indications.

The easiest way to activate the function when needed is to use the classic ‘’OK Google’’. You can also tap on the microphone icon which is now conveniently colored in order to make it more accessible.

An improved version of the Google Maps Assistant was first announced in May during the Google I/O conference.

The update also adds a host of quality-of-life improvements. Users are now able to launch YouTube videos in order to listen to the sound (the video is unavailable since the screen is filled by the map). They are also able to perform a variety of other basic tasks like sending a text.

The Google Assistant app has also received a big update which features the addition of several functions that seem to have been inspired by Amazon’s popular Alexa assistant.

Visual Lyrics displays the lyrics of the song you are currently listening to on either the Goggle Home Hub or another smart device. Another interesting change is the addition of ‘’delightful responses.’’ When you kindly ask the assistant to perform a task it will offer positive feedback in order to encourage people to more polite.

Both updates can be downloaded from the Google Play app.

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